Monday, March 28, 2011

Holy Moly!!

this girl's getting married!

First of all, I cannot believe it. So much so that when M asked, all I could mutter out was..."Are you serious?" (in my most excited voice, of course!) I couldn't be happier and let's face was about time! HA! My favorite guy dropped to his knee in front of "our house" on the front porch and it was so sweet. Love that guy. He totally knows that my birthday is my favorite holiday of the year and made sure it was extra special! He made turning 27 into something great, that's for sure! The boy put a ring on it and I still smile everytime I see it. Bling! :)

Since the engagement, things have just started flying so fast! We have pretty much nailed a date, church, reception venue, catering, engagement pictures and several other things and we've been engaged for a week and a half. Things just keep falling into our lap and working out perfectly! I will take that as a sign from heaven above! I'm sure there will be a few snags but for now, I'm going to have to surpress my feelings of a panic attack and appreciate how easy this whole process has been for us! More details to come soon after the offical booking of the venues! The owner of the reception site is out of town and won't return until mid-April, hence the hold up.

I can defintely announce that the wedding will be in Galveston! One of my favorite places to go! I've been visiting there since I was a small child taking day trips with my family. I've always loved the old world charm and history of the city. I love it even more after the hurricane, it just seems like places with that much history can't be broken by a storm, even when the entire city was pretty much under water. The church we've chosen is currently being restored to all it's former glory, even 2+ years after the storm. I can't wait to see it complete. Yes, it will be done in time for the wedding. The pues (sp?) will be the last thing to arrive and that will be in August. So exciting!

More to come on the wedding front....I should also note that I've heard people talk before about getting "pregnany brain" but I'm pretty sure there should be something called "wedding brain" because I have lost my marbles. I am pretty much forgetting everything but myself on the way out the door these days. Lord help me!