Thursday, July 22, 2010

i'm 25. wait, no....i'm actually 26.

so the title of this post happens to me almost every time someone asks me how old i am. is this weird? maybe i have a phobia of being 26?? who knows. i will say this....26 has been one of my least favorite birthdays to celebrate, hands down. anyone who knows me knows that i LOVEEEEEEE celebrating my birthday! it's my favorite holiday! my mom's birthday is actually the day before mine so in my family, march is birthday month! my poor dad...he never stood a chance. there is just something about admitting to myself and others that i am now in my "late" twenties. boooooooooooo. not. a. fan. i look back 10 years ago, i think about what i thought my life at 26 would be. at 16, i thought FOR SURE that by 26 i would have been married for a few years and have at least one, possibly two children. i thinking? garth brooks and i both are thanking god for unanswered prayers at this point in life! don't get me wrong, i'm not opposed to either of those things but i cannot imagine my life like that right now. it is fabulous for some people and so many of my friends have that life, but for me...i'm tired just thinking about it. :) i honestly think teaching will do that to you....working with kids all day will change your thinking about being a parent. there are so many people who need to go to training. ha!

so as i sit here thinking back...i know that i have so many things to be thankful for. a loving family, irreplacable friends, a great boyfriend, perfect little dogs, a great house and a fun job! life is good!

until next time!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

oh the things they say!

being a kindergarten teacher is something truely amazing.......most days! :) one of the things that i have always said about teaching 5-6 year olds, is that their little personalities are in full bloom! they aren't aware of the worries of the world at that age, it is truely incredible. they say what they feel, believe what you say and come up with some of the most hilarious things if you just give them a chance.

like every teacher during the last months of school.......i am done. ready for school to be out and have a little time to let my brain rest and sit out by the pool all day. ahhhhhhhhhh the life! something always happens though......i miss the kids. i miss their little happy faces walking in everyday, i miss their hilarious antics, i miss the "little kid" conversations that happen at their tables when they're working and i miss the big "i love you" i get on a daily basis. even the kids that make you want to pull your hair out still give the best hugs at the end of the day. incredible.

my friend ashley sent this to me for an "afternoon funny" and boy am i glad she did! i'm sure i've seen this before but at this moment......i'm going through the "missing my students" phase so i think it's hilarious! such a cute little thing! even though the sight of the little kitties in the book make me sneeze, i still hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

and away we go!!!!

so here goes nothing with this blog! i mean to tell you that this has been a learning experience! i always get a little aggravated with people who don't know how to do simple things on a computer (you know you do too!)but my, oh my....this one threw me for a loop. i was almost to the point that i just needed to pay someone to do it for me! sad, but oh, so true.

so what have i been up to on my summer break you ask?...........NOTHING! AND IT FEELS FABULOUS. :) i will be the first to admit that i do get a little stir crazy, which is probably why i thought this blog would be a good idea, but it has been good nonetheless.

mark and i went on a little expedition around california a few weeks ago and that was nothing but fun! let me tell you though, cali is COLD in the summer! personally, i am a fan of the hot weather, regardless of humidity. i don't know's just in my blood. so when i walked out of the san francisco airport to a whopping 60 degrees, i was in shock! i could have worn my bathing suit on the flight and a snow suit off the flight. needless to say, my sweater was my best friend! we had a great time zooming around the city in our little volvo hard top convertible. mark was not thrilled with my references to him driving like edward cullen, but he soon got over it.

here's a picture of the speeding bullet!

i did love that car but let me tell you something....when your boyfriend has a lead foot, driving the pch from san francisco to l.a. is NOT good idea. i had to hold my head out the window for the 4+hour drive. not amusing! i think mark started feeling sorry for me because he started opting to let me get out and take pictures, aka get some fresh air. thank you lord! i have never been so car sick in all of my life! at the end of the big sur area, mark started to get a little woozy too! then he started opting to stop a little more frequently! :)

we also made the trip from san francisco to napa valley, which was so. so. beautiful.

i have always wanted to go and people, it did not disappoint. it was gorgeous. i will say that i was "wined out" after those 2 days though. i couldn't even think of having wine for dinner for the rest of our trip! if you ever make the trip, we ate at some fabulous places recommended to us by some of mark's customers. mustards was great, gott's roadside had great burgers and fabulous chicken tacos and rutherford grille was fabulous. best cornbread, yes cornbread! i have had in a lonnnnnnnng time! all in all....a blast.

we ended our trip in l.a.

we did a little tour of the hollywood stars sidewalk and the touristy things like that. fun yes, going back, probably not. i've had enough of that city for a little while. i'm taking my self back to the florida beaches where it is hot and the water isn't ice cold!

until next time!


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