Tuesday, May 10, 2011

how do you deal with ungratefulness??

in life, you will probably encounter people who are ungrateful. i think everyone does. people who are ungrateful for the services you provided them, people who are ungrateful for things you do for them without anyone noticing, ungrateful for tons of other things. i can deal with most of them. i encounter this type of thing everyday.

i cannot however, deal with people who are ungrateful for their parents.....people who only come back and become grateful when things don't go their way. we should all be grateful EVERYDAY for the things and the people in our lives. no one wants to look back on life and WISH that they had the time back that they spent being selfish and self absorbed.

i personally lived in a loving home, where i was fed a home cooked meal every night, played outside until my heart desired, went on family vacations, never had to ask twice for something i needed and some things i didn't need for that matter but above all of those things....i never had to ask for a kiss goodnight or someone to tell me they loved me or that i was beautiful. never ever. that is one of the single most important things that has molded me into who i am today and the parent i want to become.

be grateful.....don't turn your back on people who have loved you from the day you were born. some people don't have that luxury.

i'm off the soapbox now...have a great night! :)

p.s.....i LOVE my family!