Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's all about the game!

Football season is in full swing people! For some of us, this is a good thing. For others, not so good. :)

I definitely know people who feel like football consumes the life of their significant other for waaaaayyyy too many months of the year, and for that, they are bitter. Not me! I get so excited for football season to start every year. I especially feel the love for my Texas Aggies. I have been to other stadiums but I definitely feel like the tradition just bring Kyle Field to life. Just like the picture says.....there's a spirit....can ne'er be's the spirit of Aggieland!
Mark loves Aggie football more than anything...including me at times. ;) I'm kidding but the boy does love our school and our team. Things are great when they win anddddddd he needs blood pressure medication if they don't. :) It's crazy to think that somehow in this universe, we found each other....both Aggies, both in Houston, both from Southeast Texas. It's strange to think about at times. Regardless, I'm glad he drags me to the games with him!

Also, our Texans are off to a great start this season! Our friends the Guillens are the most hard core Texans fans I have ever met. They so graciously offered to take me to a game this year and we watched them take out the Colts. Great game people! Please note the eye things.....indication that they are hard core...there was no option of whether or not I was wearing them. haha. Mr. Gavin loves the Texans as well and asked the entire game where Andre was....his favorite player! :)
Their seats are right next to the owner's box so sitting next to the owner as well as Clay Walker made for a great game! Thanks Guillens! You guys are very special to me!
Until next time!

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  1. You might love football as much as I do girl! I've NEVER met another female who loved it as much, but your passion for it sounds like mine! Glad ya'll had so much fun at the games.