Monday, October 11, 2010

Am I the only one???

Am I the only one who becomes emotionally attached to their vehicles???? I'm thinking this may be a serious problem! I would like to announce that "Black Betty" is no longer with us......I have moved on to "Pearl" the new 4Runner! While I am happy and love my new car, I just have this little pang of guilt when saying goodbye to the one who no longer belongs to me. Weird? I think so. I have felt this way about every single car......."White Lightning" the mustang, "Heidi" Honda and now "Black Betty." All of my cars have been so good to me and hopefully "Pearl" is just the same! Just a thought....... :)


  1. I knew you'd trade that BMW in for a "Mommy Car"!!! You're one step closer to being big and fat and staying home with me!!! :) You'll love your new car.

  2. I felt the exact same way when I said goodbye to my car a month ago. I think I felt guilty though because I was so excited to FINALLY get a new car! (I'll even admit, I cried.)
    Congratulations on the 4Runner! :)