Wednesday, October 30, 2013


A few weeks ago I was very lucky that M was set to have a work conference in France, so of course I tagged along!! We left Houston a few days before the conference was set to start and were off to Paris!

We left from Houston around 4 pm on Saturday afternoon and after a long set back in Newark airport (seriously, no one wants to hear "Folks we are going back to the gate because our brake system is not working properly) (also, no one wants to hear the airline reps say "We have another plane for you but that one is broken too and it's being repaired!!!) we were on our overnight flight to France! We finally arrived in Paris around 1 pm and were ready to do some touring around after checking into our hotel. Jetlag is a major B so pleasssse do not judge these photos. ;) I would have loved to be in a bed but there was no way we were missing our first day in an amazing city!!
Arc de triomphe (I had no idea there was a tomb of an unknown soldier??)
Paris in the fall!!

Crepes, glorious crepes!
Of course we had to add our lock to the bridge and throw away our key forever!
 My favorite!
 It's so hard to comprehend how huge it really is in real life! Amazing!
I just love when it twinkles at night!

After our visit to the Eifel Tower, we were so exhausted!! We had literally walked for around 5 hours by that point. We grabbed a quick dinner and headed off to our hotel to try to sleep. I'm not sure how you have trouble with that when you are so exhausted but believe me, it happens!! haha.
Day 2 coming soon...

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