Thursday, July 22, 2010

i'm 25. wait, no....i'm actually 26.

so the title of this post happens to me almost every time someone asks me how old i am. is this weird? maybe i have a phobia of being 26?? who knows. i will say this....26 has been one of my least favorite birthdays to celebrate, hands down. anyone who knows me knows that i LOVEEEEEEE celebrating my birthday! it's my favorite holiday! my mom's birthday is actually the day before mine so in my family, march is birthday month! my poor dad...he never stood a chance. there is just something about admitting to myself and others that i am now in my "late" twenties. boooooooooooo. not. a. fan. i look back 10 years ago, i think about what i thought my life at 26 would be. at 16, i thought FOR SURE that by 26 i would have been married for a few years and have at least one, possibly two children. i thinking? garth brooks and i both are thanking god for unanswered prayers at this point in life! don't get me wrong, i'm not opposed to either of those things but i cannot imagine my life like that right now. it is fabulous for some people and so many of my friends have that life, but for me...i'm tired just thinking about it. :) i honestly think teaching will do that to you....working with kids all day will change your thinking about being a parent. there are so many people who need to go to training. ha!

so as i sit here thinking back...i know that i have so many things to be thankful for. a loving family, irreplacable friends, a great boyfriend, perfect little dogs, a great house and a fun job! life is good!

until next time!

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