Tuesday, July 13, 2010

oh the things they say!

being a kindergarten teacher is something truely amazing.......most days! :) one of the things that i have always said about teaching 5-6 year olds, is that their little personalities are in full bloom! they aren't aware of the worries of the world at that age, it is truely incredible. they say what they feel, believe what you say and come up with some of the most hilarious things if you just give them a chance.

like every teacher during the last months of school.......i am done. ready for school to be out and have a little time to let my brain rest and sit out by the pool all day. ahhhhhhhhhh the life! something always happens though......i miss the kids. i miss their little happy faces walking in everyday, i miss their hilarious antics, i miss the "little kid" conversations that happen at their tables when they're working and i miss the big "i love you" i get on a daily basis. even the kids that make you want to pull your hair out still give the best hugs at the end of the day. incredible.

my friend ashley sent this to me for an "afternoon funny" and boy am i glad she did! i'm sure i've seen this before but at this moment......i'm going through the "missing my students" phase so i think it's hilarious! such a cute little thing! even though the sight of the little kitties in the book make me sneeze, i still hope you enjoy!

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